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FP461 – The Tooth Fairy, Part 3 of 3


August 12, 2016 by JRD Skinner


Tonight we hear the truth behind the nocturnal defanging that has been plaguing one Capital City neighbourhood.

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    FC134 – Nazi Underpants


    August 9, 2016 by JRD Skinner

    FC134 - Nazi Underpants

    Prepare yourself for: Positive uses for Snapchat, dinosaur purses, replica fingertips, Pony Island, and Old Man Mulligan

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      FP460 – The Tooth Fairy, Part 2 of 3


      August 5, 2016 by JRD Skinner


      Tonight we find ourselves creeping through security to scale a tower – a tower atop which awaits a tale of horror, and perhaps some answers for an aging detective.

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        FP459 – The Tooth Fairy, Part 1 of 3


        July 29, 2016 by JRD Skinner

        FP459 - The Tooth Fairy, Part 1 of 3

        Tonight we hear a strange tale of missing teeth as told to an oddly familiar old man.

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          FC133 – Dead Things and Secrets


          July 26, 2016 by JRD Skinner

          FC133 - Dead Things and Secrets

          Prepare yourself for: Ravine murder mania, body disposal, the actual Man in the Iron Mask, the Mob Book Club, and The Irregular Division

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            FP458 – The Flying Dutchman


            July 20, 2016 by JRD Skinner


            Tonight we find ourselves witness to dead men wandering the highways.

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              FCM27 – Not So Much Pumpkiny


              July 13, 2016 by JRD Skinner

              FCM27 - Not So Much Pumpkiny

              A somber moment of reflection punctuated by giant wet wipes.

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                FPGE29 – For a Good Time Call


                July 8, 2016 by JRD Skinner


                Thank you, Bliss!

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                  FPSE34 – The Portly Detective


                  July 1, 2016 by JRD Skinner

                  Skinner Co.

                  Welcome to Flash Pulp Special Episode #34. Tonight we present The Portly Detective [Audio clip: view full post to listen]Download …
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                    FP457 – Go On


                    June 25, 2016 by JRD Skinner

                    A Skinner Co. Production

                    Tonight we find ourselves in a lesser-known Las Vegas casino as Mercutio Rogers, professional crooner, prepares to take the stage.

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