About Last Night

Last night, this happened:

Dog demanded a trip outside – we both got locked in life or death struggle with an adventurous frog. Everyone survived. Back to bed.Wed Jul 14 05:24:49 via Twitterrific

I got a few comments in the morning wondering about the details – I love my dog, but I think this small chart I whipped up does a lot of the explaining:
Dog Brain
Once I’d waved Mina off the frog – who, for some reason, had decided the pond was too full, and had relocated into our porch instead – the tiny amphibian attempted to make his escape.

With a mighty leap, it found a perfect hiding place to wedge itself into: between the door and the jamb.

“What do you think you’re doing!?” I asked

“Erp,” it replied, staring at me with its stupid amphibian eyes.

It took my still half-asleep brain a few moments to summon my “No, seriously.” voice to send the dog away – a few moments that mostly consisted of me trying to balance keeping the door open and keeping the dog back, all while being dive bombed by Mothra’s cousins.