As the archive grows, carrier pigeons have begun to arrive asking where someone interested in dirtying their hands with the show should begin.

I’ve put together this brief listing as a sort of sampler plate, so that the uninitiated might determine if it’s worth signing up for the buffet.

Like spooky tales?

ChillerMight I suggest The Haunting of Bilgehammer Manor, a ghost story in something of the classic vein; or Lucy, a chiller about a man and his dog; or Bargain, a modern take on the classic Faust legend?

Regular characters Will Coffin and Thomas Blackhall also often deal with the supernatural. The best introduction to Victorian-era frontiersman, and student of the occult, Blackhall, maybe the rural events of Up From The Depths. Coffin, an urban shaman, can often be found hanging about a bar named Dorset’s, the setting of a long goodbye in Condolences.

Enjoy science fiction?

Say It Ain’t So, is an account from our corporate future, and The Rocket Men relates a maudlin tale of physics and friendship.

The Collective Detective mines dusty data-stacks to solve mysteries that have nearly been forgotten, as in Moving Parts.

In a less serious vein, recurring cast member Joe Monk, stumbles his through the stars, often accompanied by his alien friend, Macbeth. Before he encountered his sidekick, however, there was an incident involving The Music Room.

Into Thrillers?

Murder PlaguePrivate Investigator, and general smart-mouth, Mulligan Smith, should satisfy – he often finds himself in odd conversations, as when he discussed his childhood hound in The Secret Shopper.

Harm Carter, of The Murder Plague, also finds himself in tense situations, although they are often only resolved after a death or two – such was the case when the local fire department arrived in Emergency Reponse.

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  1. Nice. You might consider linking with Tales to Terrify. I’d do the same for you if I knew how. TtT is a weekly magazine-style horror show produced by the same people who do the Hugo Award-winning StarShipSofa. We’re at

    Now…let me wander around here for a bit…

    • I’m certainly familiar with Tales to Terrify, one of the Mobsters – Zack Mann – was quick to point it out to me. Does TtT have a promo we could run? We’d be happy to do so the week after next.

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