Last Night

Philly DipsThis is just sort of an odd personal note, but:

As I’ve been using as an excuse for tardiness lately, we’ve recently moved and are still settling in to our new digs. In a quest for snack food, and to explore the town a bit, Opopanax and I took a walk. Stumbling upon a 24-hour chain convenience store, we pushed inside, and, after some browsing, Opop convinced me to pick up some chips and dip.

Now, I didn’t start off particularly excited about the idea, but a few hours later I was daydreaming about salt and dill, so I decided to crack open our loot.

I wasn’t the first however – the Philadelphia had already been opened. A single, deep-furrowed rut had been pulled from it: someone had preemptively dipped into our goods.

Maybe it was for the best, however, as we realized during transport to the garbage that it was a month past due anyhow.

Not a good omen for future use of the store, but now, even this morning, I’m left craving salty, creamy, pickle taste.