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We'll Do It Live

Flash Pulp notesHere’s a quick snapshot of the process behind Flash Pulp – this is really how almost every episode begins.

Well, I suppose this is actually step two; step one usually looks like a hastily jotted explanatory sentence, either elsewhere in the notebook, or in my phone.

Events in the proposed story are distributed over the three sections on the left, with random items I need to retain on the right. This is the second run-down I’ve begun for a three-part Ruby Departed tale, which will hopefully be posted the week after next; the first attempt exploded into a thousand weeping paper cuts at the narrative’s climax.

Once I’ve managed to get the three overarching sections pat, I’ll create an identical structure for the trio of acts in each division.

(Also pictured: my notes for tonight’s FC – no peeking.)


image from The Dark Crystal
My eye was recently caught by an aging print ad for the collector’s edition of The Dark Crystal, not so much for the movie, but for the replica notepad that they were offering as an extra. The notepad isn’t a copy of a prop from the film, but a reprinting of Jim Henson’s own notebook from the time of production.

As someone with a morbid interest in the creative processes of others, the tiny picture of the plain yellow legal pad is of the same flavour of teasing-promise-that-could-never-pan-out that scratchy black and white ads for x-ray specs or blurry action sets from Sears’ Christmas Wish Book once held.