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Retro Coddling

Kid Kustoms TrikeSpeaking of futuristic with a retro tinge, this sweet trike from Kid Kustoms got me thinking.

I may not have a grand or two to drop on a bicycle my children will only be of size to ride for a couple of summers, but there sure are plenty of people dropping ridiculous cash on plastic bits for their Honda Civic. Why not expand the after-market with some sweet deco fins & styling?

I’d love to see a road full of mini-vans that look like The Rocketeer.

1951 Buick LeSabre

Deco Quickie: The Returnining

Jessica was asking me about the deco posters I occasionally use as desktop wallpapers, and if they were obtained at the recently mentioned Vintage Venus. While I love the stuff at VV, the posters she’s got in mind are actually the work of talented fellow, Steve Thomas.

My favourite work is definitely his series of planetary travel posters:

Steve Thomas' Venus by Air

Steve Thomas' Europa Air

Full size images, as well as more great travel posters are available at Steve Thomas’ site.