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More Updates To The Updates

Villagers From Frankenstein Get Out Their PitchforksJust to clarify, the new Ruby is now up, and available below or via iTunes. Libsyn, our podcast host, had this to say about the issue:

Update [10/5/2010 2:00am EST] The issue has been traced back to a bad DNS record that propagated out to parts of the internet earlier this evening (starting around 9:00 PM EST). The entry has been fixed and all systems should be back up for users everywhere now or very soon. – Libsyn Support Blog

So please put down your pitchforks and return to your mp3 playing devices, we appreciate your patience.

Flash Pulp 059 – Ruby Departed: Utopia, Part 2 of 6

Welcome to Flash Pulp, Episode Fifty-Nine.

Flash PulpTonight, we present Ruby Departed: Utopia, Part 2 of 6

(Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5/Part 6)


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This week’s episodes are brought to you by Flash Pulp on iTunes.

Join us to sample our work: a re-envisioning of the reboot of a remake to a prequel that never existed.

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Flash Pulp is an experiment in broadcasting fresh pulp stories in the modern age – three to ten minutes of fiction brought to you Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings.

In this second chapter, Ruby discovers the nature of the armoured vehicle she encountered as the occupants were in the process of looting coffee.

Flash Pulp 059 – Ruby Departed: Utopia, Part 2 of 6

Written by J.R.D. Skinner
Art and Narration by Opopanax
and Audio produced by Jessica May

Ruby Departed: Utopia 2-1Ruby Departed: Utopia 2-2Ruby Departed: Utopia 2-3Ruby Departed: Utopia 2-4Ruby Departed: Utopia 2-5Ruby Departed: Utopia 2-6

Flash Pulp is presented by http://skinner.fm. The audio and text formats of Flash Pulp are released under the Canadian Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.5 License.

Webcomics Weekly

Webcomics Weekly Guys

It’s one of those days where I’d rather be napping through old episodes of Good Eats than trying to muster some brain juice.

More specifically, I’ve recently come up with a brilliant (says I) methodology for reworking a project that I’d previously left for dead. The problem is that when the moment is inappropriate – usually while my brain is trying to escape work – I’m full of creative momentum, and by the time the necessaries are out of the way, my brain is flat.

I have a small bag of tricks for days like today, and one of my favourites* is a podcast called Webcomics Weekly. Featuring four webcomic guys (Scott Kurtz, Kris Straub, Dave Kellet and Brad Guigar), the format is supposed to revolve around the mechanics of making a webcomic (and a profit for your labour if you should get that far), but even a non-webcomic fellow such as myself finds a lot to enjoy in the patter and broad approach to creative topics.

Like bacon cooking in a nearby room, the fumes of their creativity are often enough to get me up and about looking for my own meal.

Partially as a favour to myself, and partially for the good of anyone who stumbles across this post, I should also mention that many of the people involved in WW have also been involved in previous podcasts that are just as entertaining, and compile those links as follows:

Webcomics Weekly actually has a longer archive than what is provided on their libsyn page, and the rest of the episodes can be found on their old talkshoe page.

Kris sometimes does a show with his girlfriend Erica, known as The Program.

Before they did Webcomics Weekly, Scott and Kris had a two man show known as The Daily Affirmation, which has a wider range of topics, and a large pile of funny. Old episodes can be found on odeo, but it seems like new episodes will be available on libsyn.

Before they did The Daily Affirmation, Scott and Kris did a show called The Power Hour, which was sort of Daily Affirmation-y, but more of a ‘radio talk show’ influence. You can find that on Odeo too.

Before teaming up with Scott to do the power hour, Kris actually did another podcast with Dave Kellett, The Blanklabel Podcast.

Finally, occasionally both Scott and Kris post items to their youtube channels.

I may have missed other projects by the WW guys – especially possibly Brad Guigar who has a radio-ready voice, but whom I apparently have no audio history for.

The sheer number of hours of quality content on hand is actually a little surprising now that I’ve lined up a few years of listening into a single post. My only regret is that the WW fellows haven’t found a better way to better turn a bit of profit from their podcasts, as I think they might stick to a more regular schedule if they did.

Or feasibly they just need to find their own WW to get things going.

(*Another is to pull an informational blog post from my brain’s back burner,  just to get the gears greased.)