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  • A Ponzi Scheme for Flappers – NYTimes.com
    “What is clear is that the Shifters had no structure, no leader and no politics — other than an apparent sympathy with another nebulous group of convention-defying jazz-age women: the Flappers. (The Shifters were often classified as a subspecies of Flapper.)

    Central to the Shifters’ rapid growth was a pyramid scheme of enrollment and enrichment that was encapsulated by the Shifter motto, “Get something for nothing.”

    A Shifter would tempt a victim into joining, swear her to secrecy, make her pledge to “be a good fellow” and demand an initiation fee of anything from 5 cents to $6. The newly minted Shifter was then dismissed to find fresh victims and make good her investment.”

  • Sanal Edmaruku charged after debunking crying Jesus statue | ksdk.com
    “But rationalist and atheist Sanal Edamaruku investigated, and said it was actually sewage water percolating through the statue, because of a leaky water pipe. […] Now he’s being charged with blasphemy under Section 295A of the Indian Penal Code”