Functional Friday: Texan Caesar

Texan Caesar, from Flickr has been filled with a flurry of urgency, and, to top it off, I’ve been forced to abandon the content I’d intended for this afternoon’s post.

As such, I thought it would be a good time to do a little housekeeping.

* * *

Flash Pulp Stats

Episode Count: 139
(In 139 AD Marcus Aurelius was named Caesar.)

Total Run Time: 20.3 Hours
(Seven hours longer than Berlin Alexanderplatz.)

Average Run Time: 8.8 Minutes
(Unfortunately, 8.8 was the magnitude of earthquake that hit Japan today.)

MP3 girth: 1.37GB
(It would require 2019 3.5″ floppy disks to hold it all.)

Most Popular By Region: Texas
(According to wikipedia, the name Texas derives from táyshaʔ, a word in the Caddoan language which means “friends” or “allies”.)

* * *

There’s a small chance that tonight’s script will be rejected by my accomplices, (it deals in some ways with themes familiar to the “banned” episode of the show,) but I think the odds are slim.

Otherwise, things will be posted at the regular bat-time, on the regular bat-channel.