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FPGE5 – The Glorious: Augu Blautr by Threedayfish


April 18, 2012 by JRD Skinner

Welcome to Flash Pulp, guest-isode 5.

Flash PulpTonight we present The Glorious: Augu Blautr by Threedayfish

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This episode is brought to you by Threedayfish.


Flash Pulp is an experiment in broadcasting fresh pulp stories in the modern age – three to ten minutes of fiction brought to you Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings.

Tonight, as JRD’s brain has been stolen by high-powered medication, we present a work of war and weeping, written by Threedayfish.

Thanks, Fish, we appreciate it.


The Glorious: Augu Blautr by Threedayfish

Written by Threedayfish
Art and Narration by Opopanax
and Audio produced by Jessica May


The Glorious


Flash Pulp is presented by, and is released under the Canadian Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.5 License. credits:

Text and audio commentaries can be sent to, or the voicemail line at (206) 338-2792 – but be aware that it may appear in the FlashCast.

– and thanks to you, for reading. If you enjoyed the story, tell your friends.

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