Late Night Pictures

I was a boy who burrowed deep into his family’s basement. On weekends I would often creep out of bed and into the rec room, flip the set on low and hunker close to take in the ridiculous beauty of late night TV. Sure, I watched a lot of Weird TV, and that odd show about the fellow who has had his identity stolen by some corporation, but what I was really tuning in for was the 3am broadcast of Elvira’s Movie Macabre.

Earlier in life I’d been given pretty open access to a selection of terrible films via the Uncle of a friend of mine, but Movie Macabre was really my introduction to the beauty of trashy horror. Late-night-movie TV hosts are rare these days, but thanks to the internet bad movies are always on hand, and to quote such a film, it’s always midnight somewhere.

My two favourite torchbearers maintain the D.I.Y. feel while providing plenty of crap movies:

The Right Reverend Chumley has been sporadically releasing episodes of Cult Of UHF since 2005,and his film selections are an interesting mixed bag of ancient public domain mixed with newer (i.e. colour) horror, scifi and action b-movies.Count Gore De Vol

Count Gore De Vol‘s Creature Feature is a classic horror style show that puts out a film every week or two, but I find its website a little tough to contend with, so you may be interested in its (free) itunes podcast link.