New Year's Maintenance Notes

I haven’t been posting any Functional Friday info lately, mostly due to baby and holiday madness.

I haven’t been useless though, I’ve been attempting to putty in the stray moments with writing, a process which is actually going fairly well. I’ve had to toss the idea of the serial as it stood – I still believe it’s a great idea, but I don’t think I have enough ignition-point eyeballs to make it work. If I happen to get some people clustered around me who care from the get go it might fly, but without that support it might just come across as too messy to get into.

I still have plans to generate some kind of serial project, just not the one I’ve been working at the last couple of months. More info on this when my brain provides some.

In the mean time I’ve been working on another piece, lets call it Project: Lukas & Nan, and it’s chugging along nicely. A bit pulpy, but sometimes that’s how I like it. It’s¬†approximately¬†2.5% done. That may not sound like much, but Rome, yadda yadda.

(Also, Jessica May has an interesting theory about Tiger Woods and his Dad, if she ever gets around to posting it.)