Theme Music

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I got a request to clarify the name of one of the theme songs we’ve been using – so, I thought, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth over-doing. Here’s a complete list of themes we’ve used, with links to downloads where available:

FlashPulp Theme: Paul Whiteman With Johnny Hauser – Gloomy Sunday

Mother Gran: Dock Boggs – Pretty Polly (From Wikipedia: The song is a murder ballad, telling of a young woman lured into the forest where she is killed and buried in a shallow grave. Many variants [Mostly those that stick closer to the traditional British tune – JRD] of the story have the villain as a ship’s carpenter who promises to marry Polly but murders her when she becomes pregnant. When he goes back to sea, he is haunted by her ghost, confesses to the murder, goes mad and dies.)

Mulligan Smith: Harry A. Yerkes Dance Orchestra – Mystery

Thomas Blackhall: Hanafins – Bantry Bay (Hornpipe) (The Wikipedia: The [Irish] town of Bantry, at the head of the bay, is associated with the Irish Rebellion of 1798 as being the place where an earlier attempt to land launch a rebellion was made by a French fleet, including Wolfe Tone in December 1796.)

Joe Monk: The Edison Concert Band – Hot Time March

Fictional Science: Elektro\Ulysses Vibraphonic – Moebius March

Chiller: Berkes Bela – Hej Cigany Hallod E

Ray Charles’

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Sarah McLachlan’s

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Heather Nova’s

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