Old Toys, New Toys

My Mother-In-Law has me figured to a tee. While sorting through her closet, she came up with this item, and thought that I might like it.

Step Into The Third Dimension

“Step Into The Third Dimension” not ringing a bell as a Price classic? I understand why you might be confused, as the credits make it seem like this is actually a dramatic production – it is not. That thing he’s holding isn’t a device to suck your soul from your body, it’s a 3D camera.


Also, Nishika sounds like the name of a Russian-trained attack dog.

It takes two rolls of film, and to have them developed you needed to send them to a company that I can only assume is long defunct. I’ve seen indications online that it may be possible to self-develop the pictures, so I may have to buy a bunch of cheap cardboard glasses.

I found a reproduction of the instructional video on youtube, but I really want to drag out our actual VCR to get the full effect.