Bunny Killers

Listen, I know Night Of The Lepus, the “Giant Bunnies Attack a Town” 1970s horror movie, isn’t exactly known for its realism or tight plotting – still, I caught part of it on cable last night, and recalled something that I actually do find creepy every time I see it.

Night Of The Lepus Hug

(I apologize for the quality of the pictures, I took them with my iPhone, straight from the picture-box.)

I understand the value of the parent-child bonding that “Take Your Child To Work”-day can provide, but I’m not sure that it has the intended effect when you’re bringing your daughter to an animal testing lab full of angry rabbits in tiny metal cages.

This scene actually goes on to poke one of the rabbits with a large needle full of chemicals, while the two staff members tersely discuss their lack of any idea about what might happen as a result, all as the little girl watches on from the rear of the room.
Night Of The Lepus Lock up
Worse still, she needs to be there for the plot: she’s the MacGuffin that moves the infected rabbit out of observation and into another unmarked cage as “it’s her favourite”.

I realize she’s just a standard ’70s mop-headed child actor in a poorly plotted movie, but I choose to believe she was a pro-bunny sympathizer who fully understood her actions.

Whatever the case, ten minutes later it’s all giant rabbits and Deforest “Bones” Kelly shouting about how he’s a doctor, not a veterinarian.
Night Of The Lepus Poster