The Internet: Makin' It Better

With the publicity generated from Hair, Meat Loaf was invited to record with Motown. They suggested he do a duet with Stoney Murphy, who had performed with him in Hair, to which he agreed. The Motown production team in charge of the album wrote and selected the songs while Meat Loaf and Stoney came in only to lay down their vocals.


Meat Loaf left soon after Motown replaced his and Stoney’s vocals from the one song he liked, “Who Is the Leader of the People?” with new vocals by Edwin Starr. The album has been re-released after Meat Loaf’s success, with Stoney’s vocals removed from all songs from the original Stoney and Meatloaf album.

Listen – I’m not the kind of fellow to have a lot of patience for Meat Loaf, at least post-Eddie The Ex-Delivery Boy, but the person behind this mix of the two versions of “Who Is The Leader Of The People?” deserves a career.