Tonight's FP/Ruby Departed

Tonight’s Flash Pulp is delayed until tomorrow evening. I apologize. We’re doing a six-part story, our first since Red Mouth’s Legacy. It’s a Ruby Departed story on top of that, ¬†and Ruby requires a little more effort than your average bear – specifically, we don’t have her notebook with us, and recording conditions on the road are not optimal.

We arrive home tomorrow, and you’ll be our first priority.

In an effort to make amends for the delay I’m posting up this sketch Opopanax did after Ruby Departed: Rolling On.
Zombie King

I don’t usually model the zombies after specific people, but #56 happened to be based on a close friend, (who noticed that I’d had him killed before I could break it to him gently,) so Opop zombinated his Facebook profile pic. Oddly, the original is pretty close to the sketch above – the difference is largely in the rotting.

Might I suggest you catch up on the previous Ruby stories while you wait? (Dates are in Ruby-time.)

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