48 Hours Later

Came Back From The Dead

Wow, what a difference 24 straight hours of complaining, followed by 24 straight hours of sleep, can make. My illness has retreated to nothing more than a persistent sniffle, and my brain is happily being primed under a steady deluge of coffee.

Tonight we’ll be recording and posting FlashCast 16, and tomorrow we’ll get back on track by releasing the first of a Murder Plague three-parter.

I’ll update the weekly schedule shortly, but, at the moment, it appears the site has picked up a gremlin, and is now tweeting non-existent updates to my feed. Frankly, I’m just pleased to be in a healthy enough condition to do something about it – now please excuse me while I locate my bludgeoning wrench.

[youtube_sc url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xos2MnVxe-c]