The Haunted Mixed Tape

Another urban myth for your perusal:

I'm Sorry Mixed TapeThe legend says that, in the wee hours of an early-90s Saturday morning, an eighteen year old boy went to his girlfriend’s house with the intention of wooing her back after a quarrel the evening before. He’d spent a restless night with his music collection, and had perfected a mixed tape he thought would win her heart, despite the angry words they’d exchanged.

As he was climbing the latticework beneath her window, however, the girl’s father, a former marine, came suddenly awake, thinking that a burglar, or worse, was attempting to enter the room of his sleeping daughter.

As the boy’s face cleared the windowsill, the father burst into the girl’s room, firing his hunting rifle once.

Before dying in the ambulance, the erstwhile Romeo attempted to convey some of his story to the paramedic at hand, and passed the tape on in the hopes that it would eventually reach his beloved. It didn’t. Instead, the tape was left in a locker, with the best of intentions, and forgotten in a blur of emergency calls. It was only a year later that the cassette’s keeper noticed he was still in possession of the musical apology.

Some tellings claim the man was supernaturally compelled, other variations say he was simply curious, but all agree that he then listened to the tape. The opening of the A-side was the trembling voice of the dead boy, weepily saying “I’m sorry,” followed by a scratchy recording of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, which the couple had discovered a mutual love for.

The EMT had heard the song before, but there was something about the boy’s words, followed by that specific recording, that became lodged in his brain. For two weeks, no matter what he was doing, his mind played back the words of remorse and the haunted melody – at the end of those two weeks, he was found dead from a self-inflicted opioid overdose. The cassette was playing in the background when his roommate made the grisly discovery.

Somehow the tape found its way into the roomie’s possession, and, less than a month later, he too was dead.

They say the tape has floated about since, from estate sales to second-hand stores, and that each listener unlucky enough to hear it will be unable to escape the disquieting tune through any means but death. – source

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