Functional Friday: Revenge Of The Friday

12 Angry MenIt’s been a long while since I’ve conducted a Functional Friday, and 160 is a nice round number, so I’m taking the opportunity for some housekeeping.

* * *

Flash Pulp Stats

Episode Count: 160
(In 160 AD, Rome began manufacturing soap containing grease, lime and ashes.)

Total Run Time: 23.8 Hours
(We’re about 12 minutes short of a full day’s worth of audio.)

Average Run Time: 8.9 Minutes
(8.9 is the current IMDB average for 12 Angry Men.)

MP3 girth: 2.09GB
(It would require 3080 3.5″ floppy disks to hold it all.)

Most Popular By Browser*: Firefox
(For the 1983 movie, Firefox, Clint Eastwood studied Russian.)

*iTunes, by far, remains the most popular method of obtaining the show.

* * *

FlashCast Stats

Episode Count: 17
(17 is the age at which people can enlist in the armed forces, with parental permission, in the United States.)

Total Run Time: 10.5 Hours
(10.5 is also a 2004 disaster film, which aired as a television miniseries. It wasn’t very good.)

Average Run Time: 37 Minutes
(37 is Paul Newman’s inmate number in Cool Hand Luke.)

MP3 girth: 1.09GB
(A 56k modem would take approximately 43 hours 15 minutes to download it all.)