True Crime Tuesday: Hidden Drugs, Crouching Indictment Edition

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In honour of Movember, today’s TCT contains a couple of tales regarding an entirely different sort of stash.

First up we have Jose Santiago, who really should have shook a leg when he saw the police coming – alas, he felt himself too clever. From The HuffPo:

Police in Wilmington, Del., arrested Jose Santiago on Friday after responding to a 911 call for a disorderly subject. When officials arrived on the scene, they saw Santiago, 51, in the middle of the street, reported.

Santiago seemed to be intoxicated and was yelling obscenities, but was taken into custody without incident, Officer Mike Ivey told Delaware Online.

Upon booking, the cops discovered Santiago had several outstanding arrest warrants. He also allegedly had 2.5 grams of crack cocaine and 2.8 grams of marijuana hidden inside his prosthetic leg, the Associated Press reported.

At least, however, the drugs in question were arguably Santiago’s own – Kent Wycliffe Easter, 38, and Jill Bjorkholm Easter, 39, went out on a different sort of limb. From NBC News:

The couple hatched the plot to retaliate against the [elementary school] volunteer who they believe was not properly supervising their son, prosecutors said.

The couple is accused of planting a bag of Vicodin, Percocet, marijuana, and a used marijuana pipe behind the driver’s seat of the woman’s unlocked vehicle and then calling police to report she was driving erratically and had drugs, the indictment said.

“(Kent Easter) is accused of telling the dispatcher that he was a concerned parent who had witnessed an erratic driver park at the elementary school,” the Orange County District Attorney’s Office said in a statement. “He is accused of claiming to have witnessed Jane Doe, whom he identified by name, hide a bag of drugs behind her driver’s seat in her car.”

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