Naughty Lizzie Borden

I realize that fetishizing murderers is a long standing tradition in some circles, but this Lizzie Borden figurine, which I came across while looking for a picture of the axe-murderess, really bugs me:
Lizzie Borden Figurine
From the wikipedia article:

The two daughters, well past marriage age, gladly entered the modern world whenever they visited friends. Emma and Lizzie had no marketable skills, and their father did not seem concerned about their future.

Borden was a woman on the verge of spinster-hood who lived with her parents, she wasn’t some sort of naughtily corseted sex-kitten.

An actual picture of Lizzie:

Lizzie in 1893

“Hey baby, the fact that I’m missing my teeth just means that there’s more room for your tongue.” (- link)