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I'm gonna be archived forever

Mr Blog's Tepid RideFriend of the site, BMJ2k, has posted up some thoughts on being a public figure, apparently inspired by our last Collective Detective tale.

It also does not matter how widely you are known. The Mayor of Toledo Ohio is a public figure despite not having been heard of in 99.999% of the United States.

Therefore, if being a public figure is not dependant on where you are, and it doesn’t matter how widely you are known, then it stands to reason then that alongside those public figures known countrywide or globally, there must also be local public figures known in smaller circles or communities. So my question is, if there is no upper limit, is there a lower limit? What is the threshold? – read more

Well –

I realize I had supposedly abandoned this blog, but various aspects of posterous, and content management in general, have driven me back here.

I like posterous in a lot of ways, but the lack of design options is frustrating. I’ve come to enjoy a stark black and white theme, but there are certain widgets I’ve come to need, (like being able to run an RSS feed in the side bar,) and it’s just not happening over there.

The other issue is being able to slide my content from one site to another, and no free blog host I’ve come across rivals the versatility of wordpress’ import and export.

So, here I am again, back with a slightly altered theme, and unlikely to move until I’ve gotten the time and scratch up to find a proper host and pick up a domain name.