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By Sky or Sea

I’ve once again fallen in love with a technology that doesn’t yet exist.
aircraft/sail boatYelken Octuri, the creator, works for a plane manufacturer based in Toulouse, but in his spare time he designs fantastic craft that deserve a life of their own.

Normally I try to avoid chasing rainbows that will likely never come to fruition, but there’s something so intuitive about the design that it feels like this is closer to reality than most of the other digital daydreams that I run across.
plane modeI can only hope for a future where fishermen and pleasure-seekers flit over the glass surface of a summer lake like dragonflies.

Steam Launch

I don’t usually do photo posts, but while at the locks the other day we came across a couple of steam launches moored for a lay-over, and I snapped these with my iPhone:

Steam Launch #1

A little smaller than The African Queen, but still an amazing piece of work.

Steam Launch #2They seemed to have to periodically warm the boiler – unseen in these photos is the pile of wood they were carrying to feed the fire.

Steam Launch #3Look at all those valves; I’ve never had interest in buying a boat, but the shear level of fuss-pottery that seemed to be involved actually makes ownership of one of these tempting.