CNN Asks: Hangin' With Mr. Cooper

Trump real - or freak show?

Not real. Since the suicide of the real Donald Trump, in 1992, his hollowed out corpse has been operated by a team of ex-Disney Imagineers. The increasingly ridiculous hairstyle is simply to distract from the puppet’s ever-deteriorating rotting skin.

What's inside Mubarak's closet?

I’m guessing gold-plated muumuus, but we’ll have to wait till next week to find out on a very special What Not To Wear.

Why does murder go well with food?

I don’t have an answer for this one – but, I do believe we’ve just discovered why Anderson Cooper spends so much time in minimally regulated disaster areas, as well as why he’s put on a few pounds.

What became of dogs left in nuke zone?

Dammit, Anderson!

Lindsay Lohan to play Victoria Gotti?

Absolutely; you’d be surprised how competitive the basketball games at the Los Angeles County Women’s Correctional Facility can get.