Image from Crushable.com (Image from crushable.com)

Criss Angel is one of those personal annoyances* I forget about until some ridiculous bit of info surfaces in the media. This time, however, he hasn’t been revealed as a edit-happy sham – no, he’s got a new product to push.


Film editing suite, to cover up lack of of skill, not included.

If you ignore his grating stage persona, or that he attempts to re-brand even these simple tricks as MINDFREAKS, you’re left with the fact that this is almost EXACTLY the present my parents bought my brother for Christmas when he as 9 or 10.

You can try to adult it up all you like, but I don’t think making a ping-pong ball disappear from the interior of a cup has ever helped him open a conversation with an intriguing female. (I could be wrong.)

Did you know Angel had a band before he was famous? They were called Angeldust, and their first item was entitled “Musical Conjurings from the World of Illusion”. I kid you not.

*I do give him props for calling out Uri Geller.