150px-SpaceMOHIt’s the kind of day that starts with me thinking I’m digging myself out from under a pile of work, and ends with me realizing all I’ve done is dug a massive work containment pool.

Still, I’ve found inspiration in something I previously didn’t even know existed: the Congressional Space Medal of Honor.

First awarded by President Jimmy Carter, it’s recipients include Neil Armstrong, for his valiant defense of LM-5 “Eagle” against wave after wave of Zombie Nazi Moon men; Charles “Pete” Conrad, for his saving of the Skylab 2 mission by engaging in brutal hand-to-hand combat with the station’s own Artificial¬†Intelligence; and Robert Crippen , whose life was later recounted in the major motion picture,¬†The Last Starfighter.

Joking aside, (well, except maybe about Pete, I wouldn’t want to meet him in a well lit, yet underpowered, alley,) there’s one person not on the list that comes immediately to mind as deserving this medal: Buzz Aldrin. For punching that guy in the face.¬†(And boy, did that guy deserve it.)