CNN Asks: TV Money & The KKK

It appears CNN has once again become confused. As usual, I’ve done my best to help.

Is trendy East Berlin losing its edge?If by “edge” you mean the literal edges of bladed razor-wire, then, yes, I believe that happened in 1989.


'Born This Way': What's the verdict?This reminds me of the kids from grade school who would only tell you who their favourite Thunderbird/Ninja Turtle/Power Ranger was after they’d asked you the same question. The answer always seemed to be “Oh, yeah, that’s totally my favourite too.”


Can Clinton Remake US Diplomacy?Maybe; I can’t provide a clear answer for this one – I didn’t click the article, as I was afraid it was just a come-on line for next season’s launch of Extreme Makeover: Dictator Edition.

Still, it looks like that flag said something awfully cheeky to Hillary.


"Hannah Montana" ruined Cyruses?Absolutely – their spines are totally out of whack from carrying all that money back and forth between Disney and the bank, and their hands are little more than gnarled claws from having to count it. Things are so rough they need to fly to Thailand twice a month to have tiny ladies provide massages and feed them fruity drinks.


Why aren't employers calling me back?Hey, it’s OK, CNN, it’s a tough job market out there. You’ve got a decent gig doing this lifestyle article thing, just be patient and you’ll find something better soon.


Ku Klux Klan related license plate?I can’t say for sure, but I certainly find it believable – you never know what those kinds of people are going to try and seduce.