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FlashCast 007 – Bunny Cussin'

FC007 - Bunny Cussin'[audio:http://traffic.libsyn.com/skinner/FlashCast007.mp3](Download/iTunes)

Prepare yourself for Journalism, The Collective Detective, Egypt, and male prostitutes.

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Sunday Summary

At The Monument To Robot Freedom

Join me on a walk through some of my week’s better tweets, won’t you?

A cliff on a moon made of pudding

My Office Window

Questionable CNN

When CNN finds itself confused, I step in to help.
Will Congress heed Obama's call? – because, seriously, he’s been phoning non-stop for something like two years now, and they usually just let it go to voicemail.

Will Egypt follow Tunisia's lead?I believe so, I’ve heard that Tunisia is an excellent dancer.
I think this is really derived from a dissatisfaction with repetition. Let’s can the symphonic work and get something fresh out there – Daft Punk, for example, did an amazing job on the Tron: Legacy soundtrack.

Botox? Wine bars? 13 unusual perksDespite CNN’s repeated attempts at playing matchmaker, I continue to refuse Meg Ryan’s proposal of marriage.

Baseball's first $300 million man?Finally, something sports related that I can get excited about – bring on the cyborgs!