Flash Pulp 100 Notes

We’re rapidly approaching episode 100, which has me quite excited. While every story hasn’t been exactly what I’d like it to be, I do take some satisfaction in having written over 100,000 words in the last seven months.

I’m hoping to make #100 something a little extra special by introducing a new series into the mix – tales from another apocalypse.

No worries, however, as Ruby won’t be ending: she’s just going to have to share the post-“collapse of human society” space with a new cast of characters, and a cataclysm which, to the best of my knowledge*, fiction has never quite encountered before.

I’ll be teasing it all the way till next Monday, so watch this space.

Implication #1:

Director Alfred Hitchcock

*A free Flash Pulp sticker to the first person who proves me wrong.