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imeem follow-up

Just a quick note I’ve been meaning to post regarding the imeem situation from a while ago.

Sean from imeem was intensely helpful in getting my account business sorted out; once I was back in, I recalled that I’d originally signed up while on a drive to find a service like Pandora (an internet radio/music discovery system) that would work without my having to fake an American citizenship. Imeem definitely meets that standard.

I haven’t spent hundreds of hours listening, yet, but I’m pretty pleased with the band/song selection and the recommendation mechanism.

I am, however, getting a little tired of re-selecting bands I enjoy (I’m looking at you yahoo! music/facebook/etc) – if I had the time I’d buy out personal.info and create a system that does nothing but cross-manage service profiles.

imeem Nested Fails

At some point I signed up for imeem, and promptly forgot about it.

Lately though, I’ve been getting ping backs from their internal messaging system requesting I check out the spam I’ve accrued. I gave in today – mostly in an effort to remind myself of what had originally interested me – but when I attempted to log in, I came up blank for a password.

Fine, so I used ye standard reset password link, and that’s where things got interesting: after clicking the emailed link, I was told I needed to be logged in to reset my password.

Yikes, better find a method to send something off to mention the function is busted.

The only method I can find to make contact is to log in to their forum.