CNN Asks: The End Of Gary Trundle, Part Time Columnist

Occasionally, CNN finds itself wallowing in confusion – on those occasions, I try to step in to lend some clarity.

Airport smoking rooms: here to stay?

I choose to read this is the lament of a weary travel writer at the end of his career, too broke from a lifetime spent jet-setting in Shanghai, and sipping fine wine in Venice, to be able to afford retirement.

“Is this all there is? A battered sleeping bag, a series of Airport smoking rooms, and the occasional fluff-piece byline in National Geographic?”

Yes, Gary, I’m afraid so.

Is one air traffic controller enough?

No. I want three controllers for every flight coming down, and I want them all providing contradictory information in a life or death game of To Tell The Truth.

How should I treat my daughter's lice?

Rudely. Make a lot of disparaging comments about them around the supper table, and hope that next year, when she enters high school, she finds a better set of lice to hang out with.