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CNN Asks: Tin Foil Hats

Mel Gibson in SignsI’m still awaiting the return of the ladies, so blogging will continue in the “short & random” genre for the next couple of days.

That said, sometimes CNN finds its knickers in a twist, at which point I retrieve the shears – and, as often happens, the first item in question is more statement than query.

“- from laser-toting Jewish aliens lurking beneath the Earth’s crust, while also screaming profanities at a group of school children who happen to be passing his refrigerator box.”

Greene: Royal wedding cheer?Absolutely – there’s nothing that quite reflects the grandeur and majesty of a state occasion like a few hundred-thousand people engaged in wailing their vuvuzelas and singing hooligan soccer chants.

Where in the world...?This question has been troubling me for a while now, and finally – finally! – Nancy Grace appears to be digging into the disappearance of Carmen Sandiego.