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FC46 – Inappropriate Exposure

FC46 - Inappropriate Exposure

Hello, and welcome to FlashCast episode forty-six – prepare yourself for dumpster diving, a secret love child, craigslist is murder, buskers, and Thomas Blackhall.

Pulp-ular Press

  • The Tower of Glim
  • Sticker contests for The Mob
  • Big thanks to Drabblecast and Colorado Joe!
  • Murderous craigslist jobs
  • Book art left in UK libraries
  • Bradbury lets Fahrenheit 451 go digital
  • Hammer Films selling print-on-demand posters
  • John Carter posters show Tharks, white apes
  • MI: Ghost Protocol rips off Kill Bill?
  • [youtube_sc url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAaWJKSw0po”]

  • Clark Gable & Loretta Young’s lovechild, Judy Lewis, dies
  • Will Benicio Del Toro be Khan?

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    A Spot of Bother:

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    Garbage Filtration Units

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    Curious Tales of Vienna:

    Find Ingrid at Dancing Ella’s WordsViennese Legends

    The Devil and the Bowyer’s wife

    The Devil and the Bowyer’s wife

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  • Rich the Time Traveler mentioned
  • Colorado Joe mentioned
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    Art of Narration:

  • Opop mentioned Skinner Co. Ink!
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    Backroom Plots:

  • FP225 – The Angler: a Blackhall Tale, Part 1 of 1
  • Mulligan Smith in The Master of the Wild Kingdom (Part 1Part 2)
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    Many to collectTaken today, at the center of the consumer madness.

    Tonight’s Flash Pulp will be posted on Sunday, as the whole crew is down with a bad case of the egg nog. To make up for our poor work ethic, on this, the most Victorian of holidays, we’ll also be releasing FlashCast 003 on the same evening.

    Till then, blogging will be incidental at best, but know that we love you.

    In the mean time, to fill your pulpy needs, why not browse the archive (or on iTunes), or check out our yulerelated episodes?

    I myself am about to depart to undertake the annual viewing of MST3k’s Santa Claus Conquers The Martians.

    Feel free to join us:


    October 31 – #1: Bride Of The Monster

    Bride Of The Monster

    I’ve long loved Lugosi, in all his forms, and this movie scratches a festering itch every time I sit down for a re-watch.


    What follows isn’t so much a review as a series of disjointed notes.

    It seemed more appropriate.

    • You know you’re getting yourself into a quality movie when the major set of the film is obviously made up of large stone bricks painted onto drywall.
    • Lugosi explains that Tor Johnson’s Lobo was supposedly found in “The Wilds Of Quebec”. Technically, I was born not far from “The Wilds Of Quebec”, so maybe I am also half monster/big guy with an awkward vest.
    • This was Bela’s last speaking role. His last appearance was in Ed Wood’s next film, Plan 9 From Outer Space.

    Whim Wham

    • Bela uses the Dracula hand wave of hypnotism in this movie too. I realized, after seeing him put the main female character under his influence, that I’d probably watch The Mentalist if he played the lead.
    • Oddly, this film actually passes “The Bechdel Test” in spades. Not only does the female lead play a hard-nosed reporter, she blows off her love interest for work, and has repeated conversations about the plot without any males on screen.

    The Bechdel Test, sometimes called the Mo Movie Measure or Bechdel Rule is a simple test which names the following three criteria: (1) it has to have at least two women in it, who (2) who talk to each other, about (3) something besides a man. – BechdelTest.com

    • Finally, despite the fact that the crux of the movie largely revolves around people accidentally falling into the arms of an inanimate octopus, somehow it has really nice looking cars throughout.


    31 in 31: Bride Of The Monster, etc.

    Poster for Bride Of The MonsterThis poster is way more coherent than the film could ever hope to be. I’m glad they got the octopus in there at least.

    Tonight I begin my annual quest to watch 31 horror films over the course of October. It’s not an easy challenge at the best of times, but this year should be especially interesting as we’re still attempting to complete our move and have quite a few social events lined up for the month.

    That said – the first movie I will undertake to watch will be Bride Of The Monster, a Bela Lugosi flick. I’ll likely be watching it with The Sevens, so it will have to be the MST3k version. Feel free to watch it at the following link, and, when I write my mini-review, we can compare notes.