Crazy Station

It’s tough to get a crazy organization off the ground these days.

During the evenings we watch Letterman from a station out on the coast, one of the last bastions of broadcast crazy. It has no commercials, just loud bouncy music videos that I’ve long suspected were chosen by the owner’s 14 year old niece.

More interestingly however, the station is one of the few in Canada that maintains a 24 hour broadcast without playing paid infomercials. This is like a blank canvas to crazy.

Nowadays the hours may be filled with “specials” featuring, among other things, Stirling’s metaphysical thoughts, his interviews with likes of the late Newfoundland premier Joey Smallwood and conspiracy theorist David Icke, a “Computer Animation Festival”, various features or animations starring Stirling-created superheroes such as Captain Atlantis and Captain Canada, extended (sometimes all-night) tributes to the late Elvis Presley and John F. Kennedy, and other programs that are truly miscellanea. Stirling once stated during a “fireside chat” that he’s against abortion in China because those aborted babies could have grown up to become NTV viewers.

Other topics seen on the late night NTV programming schedule relate to Stirling’s interests in eastern mysticism, as well as intestinal health, Unidentified Flying Objects, crop circles and the pyramids. Mr. Sterling has been known to telephone master control from a remote location and order that a particular favorite program immediately preempt current programming, or that a particular effect be applied to the screen by the technician. Often multiple videos would be “layered” over each other, with unusual results. While things like this tend to anger viewers, Geoff Stirling’s eclectic programming has its cult following. – Wikipedia

Mr Stirling does have a website, but it doesn’t see much updating.

Captain Canada