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The Schedule This Week

Stringing Together Our Little Orbs
Hello, and welcome to Monday.

Just for this week, we’re tweaking the schedule a bit:

Tonight we’ll be releasing another FlashCast, this time regarding zombies, cussing, and possibly the Antiques Roadshow.

If you have something you’d like us to discuss, or if you’ve recently fled Nigeria with a large stash of funds you’d like to release to me if only I could pay the brokerage fee, you can call our voicemail line at (206) 338-2792, or email us text or mp3s to skinner@skinner.fm.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) we’ll be releasing Flash Pulp #127, in which PI Mulligan Smith must deal with some random, and uninvited, nudity.

From there we pretty much get back on track. Wednesday we’ll have another tale of The Collective Detective, and, for Friday, I’m cooking up a bit of a special surprise to round out the week.

Stay tuned – and if you’d rather just have everything delivered to your doorstep, why not subscribe via iTunes?

The Old Switcheroo

The Murder PlagueI’m quite excited to continue our current Harm Carter three parter, (the opening having been Caretaking, Part 1,) but personal events – events that are best left unspoken of on the internet – have put us into a bit of a tizzy lately, and I feel like the next script needs another solid draft before I turn it loose on people.

Instead, tonight we’re going to be posting the next installment in our companion show, FlashCast, and episode #116 will be released tomorrow.

Expect a round up of our last Blackhall story, the presentation of some fantastic work by Wood of Highland & Wood, some discussion of Christmas on the internet, and quite a bit more.