Why We Need Annoying People Sometimes

LobsterI get a lot of guff for having a picky palette – largely due to my distaste for the insects of the sea – and I want to re-iterate a point I tried to make back in episode 037, Beef-pocalypse.

Variety in behavior isn’t a bug, it’s a feature. I may be picky, but that’s a survival trait that puts me in a certain statistical bracket where I’m unlikely to be poisoned by an ocean-born toxin. This spectrum is what makes us so resilient during wide-spread disasters, even if it comes across as an annoying refusal to eat at Red Lobster.

There are those amongst us who are the exotic mushroom tasters, just as there are those amongst us who fly experimental jets, and, although the one may not seem as romantic as the other, they’re both holding up the fight on one of humanity’s frontiers.

To those trailblazers: I applaud you – I just won’t dine with you.