Taxidermy Death Panel

From Weird Mystery #12:
Panel from Weird Mystery #12

When I first read this to Mr Seven-Year-Old, we were both confused. After I explained taxidermy to him, one of us was still pretty confused – fun and profit? Leaving aside the ‘fun’ part, did I miss the days of the great Kentucky Taxidermy Rush?

Should I consider investing in raccoons?

It bothered me so much I actually stepped up to google, which, as always, was stranger than the funny pages:

This lens was created using material from the book all taxidermists should have

Home Taxidermy for Pleasure and Profit
A Guide for those who wish to prepare
and mount animals, birds, fish,
reptiles, etc., for home, den,
or office decoration
By Albert B. Farnham, Taxidermist

This book is the complete a-z of how to taxidermyfrom home, you can purchase the book in ebook format for only $ 4.99 using this link Buy Now All purcases are processed through Paypal’s secure servers. Read through the lens to find out what the book has to offer. your purchase comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

Not only did I find reference to a book entitled “Home Taxidermy for Pleasure and Profit”, I found a website that teaches taxidermy by ripping off the tome in question.

The next related site involved transsexuals wearing dead rats as lingerie though, so I figured it was time to end the inquiry.

(Google “transratfashion” if your curiosity runs that way – I ain’t linkin’ it. Definitely NSFW.)