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Touched By A Drug Addled Angel

St James gives Charlemagne's soul a helping hand
Santiago, the capital of Chile, was founded by the Spanish Conquistador Pedro de Valdivia in 1541. The Spanish, not being particularly welcome in the neighbourhood, were met with some resistance from the natives.

The Inca ruler Manco Cápac II warned the new rulers that his Indigenous people would be hostile to the occupiers. – Wikipedia

This was a bit of an understatement, as the few hundred Spanish at the site were quickly inundated by thousands of natives who were annoyed with the land grab.

So why do we still have a city of Santiago at all? Was it the Spanish’s guns and armour that saved them? Gumption and technology?

Not according to the conquistadors.

Santiago Appearance

This is a footnote from The Spaniards: An Introduction to Their History By Américo Castro, Willard F. King, Selma Margaretten, but the book I originally read about this incident in, Lost Explorers*, pointed out that, while it was a useful bit of propaganda for the Spanish to claim that St. James (Sant Yago) arrived on the scene on his spectral pony, wearing a crisp waistcoat and bearing a white lance and shield, it’s hard to understand why the heavily overwhelming native force apparently suffered a mass delusion and broke into retreat.

1657 St James The Great In The Battle Of Juan Carre o de Miranda

While I personally don’t believe that a martial phantasm came down to take up the Spanish cause, I do believe the practice of chewing coca leaves was common amongst the South American population of the time.

* I apologize for the lack of further attribution, I’m physically well away from the book at the moment, and can’t recall the author’s name.

C'mon, CNN

CNN asks the tough questions

From a while ago, but I’ve only just re-discovered it on my drive.

I think CNN should have really dug to the real questions for the article: Should your wife have any friends? Should your wife speak unless spoken to? Should your wife spend so long in the kitchen “cleaning” in an attempt to throw you off about how many Bloody Marys she’s had to slam to be able to sit through your tedious hawing at According To Jim reruns?

The first actual question that comes to mind is: Should CNN allow people suffering from marital uncertainty to post news articles on their front page?

notes from break time

Family Feud w/ Richard Dawson – Season 8, ep. 01

Question: “Crimes everyone considers committing.”

Answers already up: 1) Shoplifting 2) Murder

Creepy guy in the dark suit, after much deliberation: “I hate to admit it, but sometimes I consider rape?”

C’mon ’80s, what the..?

Queer Movie Selections?

Strange Offering

This is a screenshot from my satellite TV provider’s website – it’s one of those outfits where you can select a number of packages to make up your larger channel line up. In fact, these are two of the possible packages you can select. Can you spot the difference?

Why the need for the two separate packages? Are there really hillbillies out there who can’t handle having one channel of the gay?