Despite the fact that it rarely gets mentioned, the function of this blog, other than being a dumping ground for the types of random thoughts already on display below, was always meant to relate more to my endeavors in writing fiction.

The truth is, despite the fact that my original mindset in setting this up was a sort of public shaming that would help encourage me to actually get writing, the fact that I’ve avoided discussing it at all has basically negated that effect. It feels awkward to discuss my creative work though, more so somehow than using this as a platform to shout at people about how dumb their kids are.

So, what have I got on my plate, and what do I want to get accomplished?

At the moment, I’ve got two projects in my pocket:

The goofier of the two is a gag comic strip I’ve been writing. Following the suggestion of the halfpixel folk, we’re building a backlog of comics before posting anything. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve scripted out the first thirteen, and come up with general ideas for another ten. Our idea is to post 3 a week, we’ll see how it goes.

It’s surprisingly tough to be funny on demand and I’m not sure I’ve managed to do it.

The other project is a piece of serial fiction I’ve been working on for quite a while. Explaining its format is tough, its definitely experimental, but I’m excited to see if it’ll fly. It’s a pulpy story with a definite arc and ending. Sort of an ensemble cast thing.

Well, it ain’t much, but at least I’ve introduced the children. Next time we’ll get into why you should love them.