Titanic vs. Lusitania: Get Rich Or Die Tryin'

I’m almost tempted to print out this TIME article in broadsheet format, just so I can read it while wearing a monocle and puffing at a comically large pipe – feasibly while fiddling with an extravagantly well greased moustache.

From mid-article:

The results told a revealing tale. Aboard the Titanic, children under 16 years old were nearly 31% likelier than the reference group to have survived, but those on the Lusitania were 0.7% less likely. Males ages 16 to 35 on the Titanic had a 6.5% poorer survival rate than the reference group but did 7.9% better on the Lusitania. For females in the 16-to-35 group, the gap was more dramatic: those on the Titanic enjoyed a whopping 48.3% edge; on the Lusitania it was a smaller but still significant 10.4%. The most striking survival disparity — no surprise, given the era — was determined by class. The Titanic‘s first-class passengers had a 43.9% greater chance of making it off the ship and into a lifeboat than the reference group; the Lusitania‘s, remarkably, were 11.5% less likely. – TIME

The discussion later in the article about polite behaviour  vs fight-or- flight self centered action is interesting, but I can’t help but notice that ‘polite behaviour’ basically saves rich ladies, a category I will likely never be counted in.