iPhone Alarm Ringing In My Ears

By the end of highschool I’d come to hate my bedside clock, or more specifically, the grating stab of the alarm. I moved to the radio function for a few years, but the truth is that I’m a half-awake manhandler and it takes very little effort for me to accidentally knock it over to the soothing white noise of dead air before rejoining li’l Nemo in Slumberland.

In recent times I use my iPhone, but the trouble is that I’m running out of pre-packaged ring tones. It takes me a week or two to get mad at pseudo-R2D2 or cartoon-xylophone, and I’m rapidly moving into novelty-comedy rings just to keep it fresh.

I should rip some John Hughes movie soundtracks – maybe then I could wake up with some Bueller-style vim. Or at least learn to start raging every time I hear Don’t You Forget About Me.