Have you heard about the new film Buried? Here’s the trailer:


Frankly, that teaser doesn’t really get me going at all, but I must admit, somehow the poster art has sold me COMPLETELY.

Rip off a little Hitchcock, and while you’re there, tear off a li’l piece of my heart.

Buried Poster

Yes, at the risk of being choked to death by the cartoonishly re-animated hand of Saul Bass, I have to admit that I quite like this Vertigo homage:

Buried PosterSomewhere in the still reasoning portion of my brain I fully understand that Ryan Reynolds is in this movie, and therefore the film will open with a lot of shots of Reynolds smiling before he has to start transitioning between his two other facial expressions, soft-eyed surprise and steely-jaw, but still, I want to believe.

I’d also be interested in re-watching Quentin Tarantino’s CSI episodes before viewing this – ¬†as in submarine movies, there are only so many things to be done in a buried box story.