Undead Danson

Seaweed ZombiesThis is the only image I could locate of seaweed-covered, zombie Ted Danson. I’m sure further pictures must be somewhere on the web, but I can’t find them.

There seem to have been a few locations they were formerly available, but they’ve all been removed.

As Ted ages, are they somehow trying to maintain the honour of the Danson estate? Does he buy up copies of “Creepshow” like Jane Fonda supposedly bought up Barbarella?

Is someone on patrol for the sanctity of Sam Malone?

I guess its more likely he’s just a hack actor and no one has bothered to take any screenshots; I have no problem locating dozens of images of him in black-face.

Frankly, I prefer him undead.

Update: Dang, someone ruined the magic by showing me the exact keywords I needed to unlock the Danson zombie horde – ah well, it was a beautiful conspiracy while it lasted.