Nuts From Underground

Last night my brain was assaulted by a commercial for THIS:


I wrote about the original Underground Comedy Movie some time ago, while attempting to figure out what the deal with the Slap Chop Guy’s name was, but I never would have guessed that Vince Offer would throw his Sham-Wow money behind attempting a second stab at his real dream, acting. Image found at http://buzznet.comFor those who don’t recall, we’re talking about a fellow whose original effort at breaking into the movie business was so bad that he ended up selling it himself via late night infomercials; it’s actually how he got into the business of selling garbage no one needs.Arrested ShlomiI would love to show you a youtube clip of the original Underground Comedy, just to demonstrate how drab and soul-sucking it was, but Vince has had every scrap of it removed from the usual public video feeds.

– including the trailer.