On Monkey Men

I’ve been enjoying bmj2k’s “In Search Of…” articles quite a bit, so much so that I felt a need to quote his quotation as well as a snippet of his response:


NEW DELHI- Doctors at an Indian hospital are breathing more easily after a monkey trapped in its air-conditioning ducts was caught, the Hindustan Times reported.

The monkey, which was trapped for three days, threatened large-scale contamination of seven operating rooms at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi before it was captured on Friday.

Some on the hospital staff feared that the strange noises coming from the air-conditioning ducts were caused by a ghost. Then surgeons saw a small face and pair of eyes peering a vent during an operation.

[…] At any rate, we are not talking about normal monkeys which spook surgeons in hospitals. No, we are talking about some sort of alien monkey/human hybrid with the ability to turn invisible and wear pants. – read more