Donner Dinner Party

I make make no secret of my distaste for the insects of the sea, but, friend of the site, and Walker Journal creator, Ray, sent me a little heads-up that only went to reinforce the notion.

Those little bands they put on lobster claws when they’re in a pre-eating holding tank? They aren’t to protect the fingers of whoever might be retrieving them.

An opportunist, a lobster will also eat another lobster if given the chance. Captive lobsters become especially cannibalistic, which is why they must be banded in a lobster pound or separated in individual compartments in a lobster hatchery. – Gulf Of Maine Research Institute

Never mind that “a lobster pound” sounds like a place to adopt stray sea-bugs, this whole concept, to me, is like thinking that seat belts are for our own safety, when, in fact, they’re a government ploy to keep our writhing corpses strapped down when the zombie virus finally hits.Baby Lobster (Found via a Google image search - I'm not sure who took the original photo.)