Original photo for Rockwell's "The Runaway"
Original photo for Rockwell's "The Runaway"

I’m still recovering from yesterday’s stomach bug, and the majority of my energy is being dedicated to tonight’s Flash Pulp, but I wanted to pop in and share two fantastic research-resources I’ve encountered.

Hungry Monster’s listing of restaurant diner lingo provides some of the best industry-patter I’ve run across.

A sampling:

Gentleman will take a chance: Hash

Radio: A tuna-fish-salad sandwich on toast punning on “tuna down,” which sounds like “turn it down,” as one would the radio knob.

Zeppelins in a fog: Sausages in mashed potatoes.
Zeppellin Over New YorkWhat could possibly be more amusing? How about Wikipedia’s list of slang terms for police officers.

Asfalt Kovboyu (Asphalt Cowboy): Turkish, slang, relates the modern police officers to cowboys. Police officers are called cowboys in Turkey, due to their lawless acts

Cinder Dick: An old term for railroad police detective, derived from the detective having to walk on the railroad ballast rock, also known as “cinders”

Krawężnik: Polish, from “curb”, designating an officer patrolling the neighbourhood on foot.

Beat Cop