Joe Estevez Update

Joe Estevez in SoultakerThis is a bit of inside-baseball, unless you’re an Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan, but, remember Joe Estevez, Martin Sheen’s brother?

You know, the guy from Werewolf and Soultaker.

Joe Estevez in Werewolf

Jessica May just let me know that he apparently attempted to move in on Two & a Half Men* while Charlie Sheen was in rehab!

In the letter, Estevez’s manager Ed Meyer, writes that Joe is “by far the funniest of the Sheen & Estevez clan” and pitches the idea that he go on Two and a Half Men and take over while Charlie is on “Vacation.” – Perez Hilton*

For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, you might begin your education in comedy at the youtube link below. Prepare yourself for bad accents and California ladies.


* Ugh.