The Most Trusted Name In Questions

Sometimes starts throwing up questions, and, in those terribly confused moments, I step in to answer.

Well – the first isn’t actually a question, but that’s becoming traditional:

Warship sinks after family outingDADT may have been repealed, but the warship’s mom should have kept her mouth shut. It’s a shame no one introduced it to the It Gets Better Project.


Are You Going To Skip The Salt?I’ve heard this patter before: “- because, seriously, there’s not much left, and, you know, if you aren’t going to need it, my fries could use some more…”

Just take it already.


Should I get a reverse mortgage?Absolutely. A reverse mortgage is exactly like cartoon amnesia – if anything goes wrong, all you have to do is get a double reverse mortgage and everything will be back to normal.


&#@! eases pain?Yes.


GOP 2012 candidates where are they?This has to be the worst iteration of the “Carmen Sandiego” franchise yet.